Why I chose iTunes for my movie collection.

We all have different criteria when selecting our provider for online movie purchases. But once we have made that choice we are pretty much locked into that one provider since there is no way to transfer from one to another.

Here are the reasons why Apple managed to convince me to start off my collection with them:

  • Multilingual content: at the time of writing this article (December 2017) all the movies released to the iTunes store get multilingual audio tracks.
  • Wider selection of movies
  • Integrates with my AppleTV, Mac and iPhone ecosystem seamlessly

That all being said, here are the areas which I would love to see improvements:

  • Multilingual content is limited to movies. Consumers are expected to purchase 2 different versions of the TV series if they would like the English and French version for instance.
  • Whilst not directly related to iTunes content, I will take the opportunity to reiterate the desire for an Amazon Video app for the AppleTV which was promised earlier in the year, however, has not yet been delivered.