Health tracking

After switching to the Apple Watch and the onslaught of health applications, I started to use them regularly to monitor my health and was surprised by their simplicity. I will give a run through of the data entry type and the associated applications (if any).

  • Move, Exercise and Stand activities
    • Automatic entry from Apple Watch
  • Weight and Body Fat Percentage
    • Semi-automatic
      • Weigh-in on Fitbit Aria scale and use FitSync to synchronize data to Apple Health
  • Lean Body Mass
    • Manual entry
  • Waist circumference
    • Manual entry
  • BMI
    • Manual entry
  • Sleep
    • Automatic entry from Pillow
  • Heart rate
    • Automatic entry from Apple Watch
  • Blood Pressure
    • Manual entry
  • Health Records
    • Manual entry from an XML type file sent by the healthcare provider
  • Nutrition
    • Manual entry from MyFitnessPal or FatSecret depending on the country on which I am located in at the time. For instance, FatSecret has a much better database in France than MyFitnessPal.

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